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What is the number one pain point for businesses of all shapes and sizes? Cash flow. If you’ve owned any type of business for more than ten minutes, you’re familiar with the crucial and difficult task of acquiring enough cash flow to keep your company afloat despite the ebb and flow of peak and slow seasons. You have overhead costs, employee salaries, vendor invoices, taxes, unexpected equipment replacements, marketing efforts, and expansion plans that are constantly demanding every slice of income you generate, and we know it can feel like an unending struggle. That’s why we’ve created a solution through our merchant capital program, designed specifically to aid and support you with fast, flexible funding to help grow and expand your business. Here’s a little bit of information you need to know about the variations that our program offers as well as a correlated list of pros and cons to help you decide which solution is best for your business type.


Working Capital Loans

Small business working capital loans are ideal for businesses that have a healthy track record and are already generating steady revenue. Our working capital loans provide speed, simplicity, and adaptability to meet the unique funding needs of small businesses, without all of the hassle. Through our program, funds will be seamlessly deposited into your business bank account with automated repayments set up, so you can pour all of your focus into running your company. With a working capital loan, you can get up to $400,000 with 6-18-month terms available.


  • Working capital loans provide immediate assistance for companies that need extra working capital


  • Companies who experience seasonality or fluctuating revenues may be better suited for a merchant cash advance


  • The funds do not need to be used specifically as working capital. It’s a great solution for any business with urgent capital needs


  • Traditional bank loans are rigid and difficult to qualify for, with a lengthy time to funding. Our working capital loans are fast, flexible, and intuitive



Business Expansion Loan

A business expansion loan is catered toward business owners with a successful track record and financial security, providing larger-scale capital for growth at competitive rates. The loan program includes advantages in speed, simplicity, and flexibility that traditional small business loans don’t provide. The approval process is conveniently simple, and the personalized flexibility of your funding allows for the right-sized capital needed to meet your business goals. Our automatic repayment structure and online portal give you the simplicity and transparency you need to focus on your business. Through this program, we offer up to $250,000 within 18-24-month terms.


  • With longer, fixed-terms and specified interest rates, our business expansion loans are ideal for tackling growth initiatives


  • Keeping up with fixed payments can be difficult for businesses who experience seasonality or fluctuating revenues


  • Unlike a bank loan, which could take months, this product allows you to take action when the opportunity arises



  • Automatic weekly payments allow you to focus on growth


Merchant Cash Advance

Unlike a loan, we provide your business with capital by purchasing a percentage of your future receivables. Daily remittances are an agreed upon percentage of your sales that are automatically deducted from your credit card processor or bank account. Cash advances are a great solution for seasonal businesses or ones with fluctuating revenue because they ensure that your remittances are based on what you can afford. Get up to $400,000 with 3-to-18 month anticipated duration.


  • With no restrictions on what you can use the funds for, a cash advance is a great short-to-mid-term solution for many business cases


  • Keeping up with fixed payments can be difficult for businesses who experience seasonality or fluctuating revenues


  • Remittances are tied to future sales; they shrink or grow with your revenue and there are no late charges
  • Because MCAs look forward and not backward, they are typically easier to qualify for if you do not have a strong credit profile


  • Fluctuating remittances can be more difficult to forecast and plan for





There are so many benefits to signing up for our merchant capital program, with pre-qualification opportunities, fast funding, and three unique options to fit the exact funding type your business needs. If you were offered an opportunity to skip the hassle of waiting for approval on a bank loan and have the cash deposited into your bank account immediately, would you take it? Start our enrollment process today and fill out this form to see
which loan options are available to you. As always, our team is here to answer your questions and guide you through the enrollment process, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

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