Impact Over Attention

Joe Crenshaw

What does this mean?

We decided to unpack this concept with a good friend of ours, Jake Jordan. Jake is the co-founder of Real Life Brands, a brilliant team of individuals who host full-day workshops on everything marketing and sales related for business owners who want to learn. In the online world where everyone is waving their arms and jumping up and down to draw the crowd, how can we be the few who stand out? In the words of our buddy Jordan, the answer is to aim further in.

Let Stories Speak

Taking a deeper dive into our social communities is the best way to cut the noise and gain influence. You can actually stand out more by doing less. When it comes to the marketing game, people are turned off by sales talk, but they’re drawn in by stories. Great stories have great causes, and causes are one of the most underestimated strengths overlooked by companies for the sake of making a profit.

Others Focused

What if centering your brand around a good cause or moving story is actually the key to unlocking growth for your company? People want to know what you’re doing, not what you’re trying to sell. That’s where the real impact lies. Building a brand on the foundation of core values, like loving people well and listening to their stories, creates deeper engagement and long-term commitment, rather than one-off purchases. Ask yourself, what is my business doing to help others? It doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking like ending world hunger or curing cancer but can be as simple as staying #othersfocused and choosing kindness instead of greed. How can you make the sale AND make a difference? The problem is many company leaders trade out one for the other. Do both. Here are some practical ways to make this happen:

  • Stop focusing on volume and start focusing on influence.

    It’s not about the number of connections you have but what you’re going to do with those connections. Take a deeper dive and be intentional about having quality relationships with few, rather than having shallow acquaintances with many.

  • Find your why.

    If your sole purpose is to make money, think again. There are so many ways to undergird your business with a solid mission that evokes an emotional response and stirs community engagement. Consider the long term benefits of surrounding yourself with a committed audience, rather than one you have to keep fighting for.

Only you know how to chart the right course for your business. While social media is a fantastic avenue to gain clients and build a lasting brand, it takes great intention to earn the attention of your followers. Lean into good stories and build your brand on a cause. Aim further in and you never know when you’ll strike gold.

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